In this paper, we explained how we adjusted a commercial device to use in long-term research so we can examine daily driving behavior of older adults. We tested a tracking device from the fleet management company, Azuga. (Think trucks for UPS, Budweiser, Ameren, etc.) The device was tested in 20 pilot participants, though this paper focused on five sample drivers so that we could give an in-depth explanation of the device capabilities.

The device captured a driving snapshot every 30 seconds (called Breadcrumbs) when the car was on. Based on the Breadcrumbs, we could look at location-based measurement such as primary location (home and/or work), unique destinations per month, and driving area (how far from home participants drive). We could also look at measurements based on time, such as the number of trips taken during different times of the day or how many trips were taken each month. Finally, we could also look at behavioral measurements such as how often a participant speeds, brakes very hard, or accelerates suddenly.

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