Dr. Monique Williams delivers 12th Annual Norman R. Seay Lecture

I am honored that my wife Monique Williams was the keynote speaker at the 12th Annual Norman R. Seay Lecture presented at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) in St. Louis.

The Norman R. Seay Lecture is a named lectureship at WUSM that honors civil rights leader and St. Louis native Norman Seay. Mr. Seay is an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease awareness and research.

It is the first lecture at WUSM that is named for an African American. The lectureship is sponsored and supported by the Charles F. Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at WUSM.

This is one of many accomplishments that make me ever so fortunate to have met my wife 25 years ago. Her brilliance and desire to help and serve as an advocate for those impacted by this disease is inspiring. Thank you for being a champion in Alzheimer’s disease awareness and research and for being an amazing wife and best friend!